Port Hills, Christchurch

With Westaco we never felt the need to look over our shoulder.

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We found Westaco to be very responsive, very transparent and very proactive. If they felt there was a smarter way of doing so, they would suggest it. They offer so much more than just construction and don’t just focus on the traditional material and labour components.

On our Port Hills Road project in Christchurch, we engaged Westaco with the initial remediation and land stabilisation work, post the 2011 earthquake. This was a 1000m2 site which also included a new roading circuit, the build of a new 600m2 factory, as well as multiple extensions on existing buildings. Having completed the remediation work, Westaco then undertook all the foundation, base build, exterior cladding, internal fit-out, air conditioning and lighting of the new factory, as well as a series of extension projects on the existing buildings. Part of this extension work involved the installation of a new freeze drier and blast freezer and as we were building a food processing facility, this factory was required to be built under more stringent standards designed to contain hazardous substances.

With other sub-contractors we often feel like it’s a battle of wits, however with Westaco we never felt the need to look over our shoulder and instead could just focus on getting everything lined up, so we could hit the button and then let it go.

Craig McIntosh, Chief Executive Officer
PharmaZen Ltd