Laminex Building, Christchurch

They are open to moving quickly when required.

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I first started working with Westaco in 2011 after being recommended to them by both an architect, as well as a mutual existing client we shared.

At this time, we were told they were a reputable contractor with competitive pricing, with full transparency offered throughout the project and the capabilities of diversity across small repair jobs through to multi-million dollar projects – all of which we have found to be very accurate.

Our first project with Westaco was on the back of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake where we employed them to assist in seismic remediation work post-earthquake and strengthening of a ~10,000m2 warehouse building. This particular project housed two major national tenants so both quality and time requirements were critical. Part way through this project we negotiated further work with our tenant, and created an additional project which involved enclosing a canopy, and re-arranging the internal fit-out and amenities to suit, along with a full upgrade of those existing facilities. This a full upgrade of those existing facilities.

This work was outside the initial project scope, however Westaco were able to assist us in coming up with an appropriate budget to base negotiations off, and assist with finding a suitable solution to ensure project viability. Westaco then assisted in undertaking all the necessary work including planning, construction and all internal outfitting, working as a separate contract to the original work stream, and then assisting the tenant further with fit-out works on top of the base build. Westaco’s ability to be flexible on this job and the fact they are well-resourced, with excellent sub-contractor relationships, not only meant we were able to offer additional value, but allowed us to meet the client’s expectations without having to bring in an additional contractor.

I have always found Westaco to be well-resourced for both small and large scale projects anywhere within New Zealand. They are open to moving quickly when required and responsive to any necessary changes that pop up throughout a project. I have already referred clients to Westaco and have no hesitation doing so to anyone looking for a reliable, flexible contractor. Westaco Construction focus on building strong working relationships to ensure everyone’s outcomes are achieved, within scope, on budget with a competitive margin.

Stephen Brown-Thomas, Development Manager
Augusta Funds Management Ltd